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Criminal Justice Institute

Established: 1988

At a Glance

The Criminal Justice Institute (CJI) is a campus of the University of Arkansas System that serves a unique population of non-traditional students—certified law enforcement professionals who are actively employed within our state’s police departments and sheriff’s offices. The Institute is committed to making communities safer by supporting law enforcement professionals through training, education, resources and collaborative partnerships. Utilizing both classroom-based instruction and practical, hands-on application, CJI provides an educational experience designed to enhance the performance and professionalism of law enforcement in progressive areas of criminal justice, including law enforcement leadership and management, forensic sciences, computer applications, traffic safety, illicit drug investigations and school safety.  In FY14, CJI delivered more than 270 courses in 61 locations to more than 9,000 officers and deputies across the state.

Points of Pride

  • Twenty-two colleges and universities across the state are collaborating with CJI to provide Arkansas law enforcement with unique practitioner-oriented certificates and associate degree programs in two areas of study: Crime Scene Investigation and Law Enforcement Administration. Courses provided by CJI are free of charge, allowing officers to complete these programs at a fraction of the normal cost.
  • CJI continues to expand the availability of online programs. These courses cover a wide variety of topical areas and eliminate many of the barriers law enforcement agencies face in finding advanced education and training opportunities for their officers. Currently, CJI is offering 12 courses in an online format.  In FY14, more than 4,500 officers took advantage of these programs.
  • Safety in schools remains a top issue for law enforcement, educators, parents, and students. CJI’s Safe Schools Initiative was established to provide comprehensive training, resources, and technical assistance to all professionals working in school safety. Courses, which range in topic from Identifying and Preventing Bullying to Active Shooter Response, assist law enforcement and educators in effectively collaborating to create and maintain safe learning environments for Arkansas children.