Choose Well, Live Well, Be Well, A Wellness and Preventative Care Program Sponsored by the U of A Health Plan
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Mission Statement

The mission of the University of Arkansas ChooseWell program is to improve the health of University of Arkansas faculty, staff, and covered spouses through empowerment, education and participation.


By providing the employees, and covered spouses of the University of Arkansas with tools that empower them to make better health and lifestyle choices, the health and wellbeing of these beneficiaries will be increased. By preventing diseases that are linked to unhealthy behaviors and thereby avoiding the complications that develop, the healthcare costs for the University of Arkansas will be decreased thus making healthcare more affordable for all.


Personal health information disclosed through participation in the Choose Well program will be subject to all HIPAA confidentiality guidelines. No individually identifiable health information will be disclosed to the University of Arkansas. Only aggregated and summary data will be reported in order for the University of Arkansas Health Plan to establish priorities in developing wellness goals and initiatives.