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Active for Life

The University of Arkansas, through its partnership in wellness, the American Cancer Society, held the Active for Life Challenge March 5, 2007 through May 22, 2007. Active for Life (AFL) is a worksite physical activity program that is designed to get participants into the habit of daily exercise during the 10-week course of team competition.

The University of Arkansas Fayetteville and the University of Arkansas Community College at Batesville were the only campuses to participate in this initial offer. The winning campus was UACCB and the winning team from that campus was the "Laughing Hyenas". Members of the winning team will be awarded gift bags donated by local vendors.

Our AFL Challenge is completed this time but will be offered again in the near future. Watch in your mail box and e-mail for notification of another AFL Challenge. It's your chance to get into the habit of exercise and its fun.

Laughing Hyenas Results

Total Members Life Points Life Points Goal % of Period Goal Met
11 29,847 19,750 151.1