Choose Well, Live Well, Be Well, A Wellness and Preventative Care Program Sponsored by the U of A Health Plan
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Personal Health Appraisal

The PHA is a risk assessment tool that will assist you in identifying behaviors that put you at risk for developing chronic disease and can serve as a guide for you to address your health needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I need to complete the PHA?

  • The results of your annual lab tests. (If your lab results are older than 12 months, consult your primary care physician for testing or look for a campus screening.)
  • Waist size in inches
  • Names of medications taken
  • Average blood pressure reading

Who will see my information?

Participant’s health information will remain confidential and will only be available to the QCARE health coaches. Human resources and personnel officials will not have access to health information as it is considered personal health information by law.

Can my spouse and children participate in the wellness program?

Children with parental assistance can take the PHA and participate in health coaching and/disease management programs. Covered spouses enrolled in the UofA health plan are eligible for all components of the wellness program.

What will the University of Arkansas do with my health data from the PHA?

QualChoice will analyze the data to determine those at risk for the development of health problems based upon their health profile. If the profile identifies an individual as “at risk”, they will be provided with information and opportunities to participate in health coaching. Participation is entirely voluntary.

Will my employer see my personal health information?


Where can I get my screening lab work done?

Your physician will perform your lab work with your annual physical exam.

What is health coaching and disease management?

Whether you want to lose weight, stop using tobacco, learn how to have a better diet or to better manage chronic conditions such as diabetes, or high blood pressure, health coaching is now available. Health coaches at QCare are registered nurses trained in assisting individuals through the stages of change towards healthier lifestyles. They provide information, support and encouragement to change unhealthy lifestyle choices into healthy ones. Disease managers at QCare focused on assisting you in the better understanding and self management of a chronic condition.

I would like to stop smoking. Is there any coverage for this?

Smoking cessation is a covered benefit. Members have access to nicotine patches 90 day course of therapy per life time or if the generic patches are used, the course of therapy is 180 days. Also, medications are available; bupropion $10, Chantix $30 and Wellbutrin $50. Health coaching is also provided for smoking cession through QCare.

I am a diabetic and my doctor wants me to test my blood sugar levels at home and at work. Are the supplies and the machine I need covered?

Yes, the University of Arkansas has a special arrangement w/ LifeScan. You can get a free glucometer from LifeScan by calling 1-888-427-8335. You can choose between a OneTouch Ultra and a OneTouch SmartOne. Your testing supplies will be covered under your prescription drug card at no cost or copay as long as you have a valid physician’s prescription for the testing supplies.

What other medical assistance is available?

You have access on line to board certified physicians through eDoc. Log on and follow the prompts at to communicate with a physician.

What if I’m not ill or identified at risk but would like information on how to live a healthy lifestyle?

You can contact QCARE or eDoc for information on how to live a healthy lifestyle. Health information is also available in searchable format at Log on and select QCARE to access “My Health Advisor”.

You can contact QCARE or eDoc for information on how to live a healthy lifestyle. Health information is also available in searchable format at Log on and select QCARE to access “My Health Advisor”.

Once you choose to take the PHA you will be directed to the QualChoice secured site.

  • Register/login in the green box
  • Choose QCARE on the left of the screen
  • Select the spinning Q to get started