University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

Chancellor G. David Gearhart

Dr. G. David Gearhart became the chancellor of the University of Arkansas on July 1, 2008, following 10 years of service to the university as vice chancellor for university advancement. Previously he was senior vice president of Penn State University, during which time he was named a Fulbright Scholar, studying at Oxford University in Oxford, England.

His Bachelor of Arts degree is from Westminster College in Missouri. Both his law degree and his Doctor of Education degree are from the University of Arkansas. He is a native of Fayetteville. Prior to being appointed chancellor, Gearhart oversaw the Campaign for the Twenty-First Century, the most successful capital campaign in Arkansas history, which raised more than $1 billion for academic programs.

As chancellor, Gearhart instituted the first tuition freeze in 24 years and implemented a $220 million campus building renovation and refurbishment plan, as well as a campus-wide energy savings plan. He has also undertaken a renewed emphasis on the arts on campus, including the establishment of the “All Steinway Campus.”

He has additionally implemented a major cost savings program that has already resulted in over $13 million in cost reduction and savings. Campus enrollment has also grown by more than 10 percent in the last two years to more than 23,000 students. At the same time, diversity in the student body has increased significantly.