The UA System Strategic plan calls for improving retention and graduation rates across the state.

The UA System Strategic plan calls for improving retention and graduation rates across the state.

UA System Strategic Plan

On October, 17, 2014 the Board of Trustees of the University of Arkansas approved the Transformation 2025 Strategic Plan for the University of Arkansas System. The plan looks forward 10 years with the goal to position the system, through its associated institutions and units, to continue to be the premier system of higher education in Arkansas and one of the most productive and resource efficient systems in the nation focusing on student achievement and success. Transformation 2025 is based upon seven overarching system-wide goals with evaluation metrics to assess the progress toward meeting them. Annual assessment of progress will be reported to the Board of Trustees. Click here to download a full copy of the plan.

The seven goals include:

Goal 1.  Expand access to higher education to all Arkansans including those traditionally underrepresented students. 10-year goal – graduates of the University of Arkansas System should mirror the demographics of the state.

Goal 2.  Improve student retention and graduation rates. 10-year goal – student retention and graduation rates should exceed averages of peer institutions.

Goal 3.  Enhance regional and national reputation of UA System Institutions. 10-year goal – improvement in institutional quality as measured against peers including regional and national rankings.

Goal 4.  Financial Efficiency. 10-year goal – as stewards of state resources, institutional resource allocation will be efficiently focused on education, research and service to the state.

Goal 5.  Technology.  10-year goal – University of Arkansas System institutions will utilize state-of-the-art technology in classrooms and laboratories to assist faculty and staff in teaching, research and service to the State of Arkansas.

Goal 6.  eVersity.  10-year goal – The University of Arkansas System eVersity, a 100 percent online university will enroll over 10,000 students annually, and offer a robust portfolio of high-quality, affordable, accessible, workplace-relevant degrees and credentials in a format that meets the needs of the learners who are unable to attend a traditional face-to-face campus.

Goal 7. Economic Impact. 10-year goal – The UA System will continue and expand its role as an economic engine for the state through cutting-edge research, workforce development programs, and support of private industry, including the work of the Division of Agriculture to support and grow the state’s $21 billion agriculture community.