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UA System Office Directory

President’s Office

Phone: 501-686-2505
Fax: 686-2506
Name Position Phone Number
Donald R. Bobbitt President 686-2505
Nate Hinkel Interim Director of Communications 686-2951
Angela Hudson Assistant to the President 686-2504
Sylvia White Associate for Administration 686-2505

General Counsel

Phone: 501-686-2520
Fax: 686-2517
Name Position Phone Number
Fred Harrison General Counsel 686-2518
Jeff Bell Senior Associate General Counsel 686-2536
Sarah James Associate General Counsel 686-2519
JoAnn Maxey Associate General Counsel 686-2528
Matt McCoy Associate General Counsel 686-2513
Gwen Johnson Associate for Administration 686-2515
Scott Varady (UAF) Associate General Counsel 479-575-5401
Bill Kincaid (UAF) Associate General Counsel 479-575-5401
Tamla Lewis (UAF) Associate General Counsel 479-575-5401
Kim Haines (UAF) Administrative Assistant 479-575-5401
Patty Doyal (UAF) Administrative Secretary 479-575-5401
Sherri Robinson (UAMS) Associate General Counsel 501-686-7608
Mark Hagemeier (UAMS) Associate General Counsel 501-686-7608
Lucie Ingram (UAMS) Associate General Counsel 501-686-7608
Elizabeth Smith (UAMS) Associate General Counsel 501-686-7608
Diane Radcliff (UAMS) Legal Secretary 501-686-7608
Mandy Abernethy (UALR) Associate General Counsel 501-569-8736

Internal Audit

Phone: (Toll Free)

Fraud Hotline

(Toll Free)
Name Position Phone Number
Jacob Flournoy Director of Internal Audit 686-2902
Gina Terry Senior Regional Audit Manager 686-2906
Lisa Pulliam Regional Audit Manager 686-2910
Amy Moss Associate Director of Internal Audit 686-2912
Laura Cheak (UALR) Senior Institutional Audit Manager 501-683-6556
Kathy Ward (UAF) Regional Audit Manager 479-575-7162
Gerry Harris (UAF) Senior Internal Auditor 479-575-7249
Chris Walker (UAF) Senior Institutional Audit Manager 479-575-7161
John McDaniel (UAMS) Senior Institutional Audit Manager 501-526-7640
Katrina Owoh (UAMS) Associate Director of Internal Audit 501-686-5965

Division of Agriculture

Phone: 501-686-2540
Fax: 686-2543
Name Position Phone Number
Mark Cochran Vice President for Agriculture 686-2540
Christina Miller Assistant to the VP for Agriculture 686-2541
Rita Watson Associate for Administration 686-2540

Finance & Administration

Phone: 501-686-2920
Fax: 501-686-2939
Name Position Phone Number
Barbara Goswick Vice President for Finance and CFO 686-2923
Ann Kemp Vice President for Administration 686-2921
Terry Fuquay Assoc Dir. for Investments & Employee Benefits 686-2927
Beth Ward Accountant 686-2925
Carol Kordsmeier Clinton School Fiscal Officer 686-2929
Rita Fleming Assoc VP for Finance 686-2920
Lynda Bertram Administrative Assistant 686-2500

Benefit & Risk Management Services

Phone: 501-686-2940
Fax: 686-2939
Name Position Phone Number
Steve Wood Assoc VP for Benefits & Risk Management Services 686-2941
Susan Bumpas Assoc. Director of Employee Ben. 686-2942
Paige Britton Project Analyst 686-2940

Academic Affairs

Phone: 501-686-2530
Fax: 686-2959
Name Position Phone Number
Michael Moore Vice President for Academic Affairs 686-2533
Dan Ferritor Vice President for Learning Technologies 686-2531

University Relations

Phone: 501-686-2532
Fax: 686-2959
Name Position Phone Number
Melissa Rust Vice President for University Relations 686-2532
Johnny Key Associate Vice President for University Relations 686-2531